BEACH FIVES RUGBY – World Rugby Leisure Laws

Dimensions: The field of play of play should be 31 metres in length and 25 metres in width. Each in- goal area should be 3 metres in length and 25 metres in width. A tolerance of plus or minus 1 metre is permitted on all dimensions. Match organisers may vary the dimensions according to the requirements of the competition.

Maximum: Each team must have no more than five players on the playing area.

Players nominated as substitutes: A team may nominate up to seven substitutes. A team may substitute any number of players during a match providing they do so when the ball is dead. Substitutes must enter the playing area at the half way line. A player leaving the playing area may do so from any place.

More than the permitted numbers: At any time before or during a match a team captain may make an objection to the referee about the number of players in the opponent’s team. As soon as the referee knows that a team has too many players, the referee must order the captain of that team to reduce the number appropriately. A try is disallowed when scored by a team with more than the permitted number of players.

Sanction: Free kick at the place where the game would restart

Duration of the match: A match lasts no longer than ten minutes plus time lost, extra time and any special conditions. A match is divided into two halves each of not more than five minutes playing time.

Half time: After half time the teams change ends. There is an interval of not more than three minutes. During the interval the teams, the referee and the assistant referees remain in the playing area.